Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The "About Me" Concept

I am a young woman of Christ with a variety of interests that tend to all lead back to that, for I strive to assure that everything my hands find to do I do so with all my might as to the glory of God.

At sixteen-years young, I find the knowledge (concept, idea) of my age to be somewhat...removed from my mind. When I pause to consider my age in connection to what I do or what I have done, it seems somehow that is an entirely different life than the one I live (age is but a number after all, yes?). But the details and the reference behind that are a story for another time...

Home-schooled from the beginning, I have never once bemoaned the decision my parents made in that choice. I rejoice in it, rather. I am ready to have school behind me, though, that I might have more time to turn to other activities, like working a job to help with the finances or volunteer-work for causes I believe in.

My faith is a very key, pivotal part of me. It is the foundation upon which the structure of who I am is built. Now, as soon as I figure out my identity (who I am), then maybe I will get a little more done on that building project, yes?

A Rebelutionary in action before I had learned of that title, I was overjoyed and greatly encouraged by the Harris’ twins’ book. The principles therein I hope to help instill in my younger siblings by the word and example of my testimony.

What more is there to say about myself? It is just me if you do not see Him in me.

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